Join Our Team at Geneva Liberal School

Opportunities for Skilled Educators and Administrators

At Geneva Liberal School, we seek skilled, enthusiastic educators—both Indian and foreign—who can unleash the full potential of students. We value diverse abilities and interests, encouraging a range of teaching methodologies such as guided discovery, discussions, projects, computer simulations, and interactive whiteboard and pen approaches.

Our Unique Approach

Geneva Liberal School embraces a novel approach to schooling, and we are on the lookout for educators and administrators who align with our distinct philosophy. While training is beneficial, we believe that exceptional teachers possess an innate talent. If your teaching style leans towards didactic methods or 'chalk-and-talk,' Geneva Liberal School may not be the ideal fit.

Opportunities for Professionals :

We are also seeking dedicated professionals in school administration who can contribute to the unique environment at Geneva Liberal School.

Competitive Salary and Benefits:

Joining Geneva Liberal School means being part of a community that values your contribution. We offer an extremely competitive salary and benefits package.

Training and Growth Opportunities:

Our commitment to excellence extends to our team. Enjoy ample training and career growth opportunities to enhance your skills and advance in your career.

Work Environment:

Immerse yourself in a work atmosphere that prioritizes learning, creativity, and collaboration. Limited residential facilities are available for those who may need them.

How to Apply:

To enquire about routes please email